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Some facts about UHF trunking.

The idea of trunking is not new.  In fact trunking systems have been around for some time.  It is only recently however that this technology has been applied to the UHF band. 

A trunking system makes much more efficient use of the available radio channels by allowing each user to be able to use any channel on the system.  As the system is expanded, so are the number of channels available to each user.  The system intelligently assigns an available channel to each radio user requesting to speak, and simultaneously directs the rest of his fleet to this channel.  The result is less congestion, more throughput, and far fewer "busy" conditions than with conventional "shared" repeaters.

Also, a trunking systems offers a higher degree of privacy because it is more difficult to listen to a conversation moving from channel to channel.

In addition, many advanced features are available by combining our UHF trunking technology with the technology available in today's modern LTR radios, such as the Kenwood TK-880 and Icom IC-F621TR.

bulletIndividual unit ID.
bulletPrivate call.
bulletInter-fleet call.
bulletVehicle tracking and location.
bulletAbility to disable lost or stolen radios.
bulletMulti-site networking

We'll be happy to answer any of your questions about our trunking systems, or arrange a demo if you like.  Just give us a call at (718) 524-0167.