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SI 2way provides low-cost alternatives to the "push to connect" cellular carriers, and our trunked radio systems offer superior coverage to  many of the "local area" systems of our competitors.

Many options are available such as unit ID, private call, and the ability to disable a stolen or missing radio from receiving or transmitting.  With our vehicle location option, you can know where your vehicles are at any time, allowing you to operate more efficiently, reducing costs and employee abuse of company vehicles.

Click here to learn more about UHF trunking.

If you're a Nextel customer who is tired of high monthly bills, or employees excessive use of your phones for personal use, we can offer affordable alternatives.  Or, if your radio service provider isn't giving you the quality of service and personal attention you expect, give us a try.

Just call (718) 524-0167 and we'll be happy to speak with you about pricing, features and coverage.  Remember, we're big enough to give you the system you need, but small enough to provide you with the personal service you deserve!